Planning your next piercing?

When setting up a piercing appointment we require a $20 non refundable deposit that will go toward the cost of your jewelry. All piercings are $35 plus the cost of jewelry. It is hard to give an exact quote on the cost of jewelry because it varies per piece. We will not be able to give you an exact price until you pick out your jewelry. It’s safe to say all of our jewelry will be $45 and up. We use the highest quality jewelry ASTMF 136 implant grade titanium. It is nickel free, lead free and MRI safe. All of the jewelry is also internally threaded and polished to a high gloss shine. The high quality jewelry allows for the safest and most efficient healing process. Minimum age for piercings is 15 years old. Under 18 requires birth certificate, government issued photo ID (school ID counts), and parent or guardian present during the service. Parent or guardian will also need to have ID. We will pierce lobes younger than 15, but the child must be able to talk well enough to ask for the service, usually around 5 years old.