Planning your next tattoo?

A few things we recommend to all of our customers.... This is your body and the artwork is permanent, so choosing an artist is crucial. Please take a look at our artist portfolios to see the diverse styles of each artist. We, at Satori Ink, custom draw all our tattoos so you won't see any flash on our walls. We recommend you give us a few pieces of reference that you like so we can create you a one of a kind work of art! Minimum age for tattoos is 16 years old. Under 18 requires birth certificate, government issued photo ID (school ID counts), and parent or guardian present during the service. Parent or guardian will also need to have ID.

When setting up a tattoo appointment, we require a $50.00 minimum deposit. Your deposit goes towards the price of your tattoo including the artwork. This deposit is non-refundable and is applied at your last appointment. If you need to reschedule your appointment, we request that you give us 48 hours notice to avoid losing your deposit. At the time of your appointment the artist will discuss any changes you want to make to artwork and then get the art work ready. At that point you will be able to make adjustments if needed. They will then size and place your design perfect for your body.

A lot of our walk-in customers ask us, "HOW MUCH FOR A TATTOO?" This is a very broad question so, "HOW MUCH FOR A RED CAR?" may very well be our response. Shaun usually says, "5 MILLION DOLLARS." We might ask you how much are you looking to spend as well. Now the cost of your tattoo is more or less how much detail you would like to see in your tattoo and how long it will take. If there is a price range you would like to stay within, we will try our best to do so as long as it doesn't compromise the quality of the tattoo. Our studio minimum is $100 and our prices go up according to size and detail. Larger pieces that will take multiple sessions may fall in an hourly rate category, which can be discussed with the artist when setting up the appointment.

If you are looking at getting something covered up, you need to be aware that the cover up will most likely have to be bigger than the original tattoo to help distract away from the covered tattoo. We are here to create artwork on your body, not just make the tattoo look a little better. So when thinking of what to cover your tattoo with, we recommend having a theme you would like to try going with, be it religious or flowers etc., this will give the artist flexibility to play around with elements that would fully cover your previous tattoo.