Shaun WasburnShaun Wasburn

Shaun has been tattooing and piercing since 2002. He was first inspired as a small child by his brother, who was very artistic and had tattoos. He knew at a young age what he wanted to do.

He has a passion for creating artwork for people that will last a lifetime. He finds it not only therapeutic for his customers but for himself as well. Shaun takes time to consult with his customers in regards to design, all the way through to the aftercare process with all of his tattoos in piercings.    

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Reggie ArtisReggie Artis

Reggie has been tattooing since 2016. He has a passion for fine art and loves to recreate it as a tattoo. He enjoys doing fine line and detailed work.

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Amy General ManagerAmy General Manager

Amy General Manager 


Melissa Customer ServiceMelissa Customer Service
Melissa Customer Service